Who have we played with?

Bands I may have heard of?

The Posies
Lvl Up
Chastity Belt
LA Witch
Sad Girl
Gringo Star
So Pitted
Magic Giant

Bands we enjoy playing with:

Martian Cult
Glass Pools
Casper Skulls
Mo Troper

Where we've played:

Ames, Iowa
Atlanta, Georgia
Austin, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Bellingham, Washington
Boston, Massachusetts 
Boulder City, Nevada
Brooklyn, New York
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Cincinatti, Ohio
Charleston, South Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Columbus, Ohio
El Paso, Texas
Ellensburg, Washington
Ely, Nevada
Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Knoxville, Tennessee 
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Las Vegas, Nevada
Leavenworth, Washington
Los Angeles, California
Manchester, New Hampshire
Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania 
Nashville, Tennessee
Newark, Delaware
New Orleans, Louisiana
New York, New York
Olympia, Washington
Prattsville, New York
Salem, Oregon
Salt Lake City, Utah
Seattle, Washington
Selah, Washington
Spokane, Washington
St. Augustine, Florida
Walla Walla, Washington
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Yakima, Washington

Festivals we've played:

Neon Reverb Festival
Chinook Festival
Life Is Shit Festival
Dillinger Block Party

Recent Publications

Their December debut album, Sad Daze in Happy Valley, is raw, catchy, and emotional without taking itself seriously. A refreshing blend of indie, punk, and pop that gives us high hopes for their future.”

Desert Companion

The Indigo Kidd we remember from 2015 — wide-eyed rock ’n’ roll ragamuffins just happy to be on stage — doesn’t exist anymore. In its place is a band in full, a wholly realized band that knows how to harness its talents. ”

Scene Magazine

Amazingly, Indigo Kidd amassed such strong local support without an LP or even a full EP to its name—only a two-song “mixtape” the group dropped as it arrived in town in June 2016. So when the guys announced that first album Sad Daze in Happy Valley would arrive on November 17, it signaled an exciting new chapter—taking Indigo Kidd in a more mature musical direction that brings emotional storytelling to the band’s irresistible, dance-in-your-seat pop songs.”

Las Vegas Weekly

Indigo Kidd, meanwhile, might be ready to rule the local scene right now, if Sunday’s set is any indication. The trio, which relocated here from Washington State last year, seemed at ease on the Bunkhouse’s main stage in front of a sizable crowd.”

Las Vegas Weekly

When this grungy, pop-punk trio arrived in the Valley last year, we knew the music scene would be better for it. ”

Las Vegas Weekly

Indigo Kidd was by far my favorite band that performed with their catchy choruses and refreshing sense of nostalgia. Listening to them felt like digging out old cds and listening to my old favorite songs. Their sound sent me back in time in the best ways.”

Rebel Yell

Something about Indigo Kidd feels oddly familiar, like you just found the band’s tape buried in the backyard after 10 years without it. It’s indie but it’s punk, nostalgic yet new. And it’s addictively good.”

Las Vegas Weekly

The straightforward, high-energy garage-rock band Yakima has always needed is here. Indigo Kidd, with its lineup set since last August, has become a tight, energetic argument for the virtues of guitar-bass-drums rock with catchy hooks and sneering attitude. ”

Yakima Herald