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If you have ever wondered what it was like to see a group like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Smashing Pumpkins or The Cure when they were still young and playing small clubs, this might be your best chance to catch those vibes from an up and coming band who is tearing it up right now.”

Terbo Ted

Their December debut album, Sad Daze in Happy Valley, is raw, catchy, and emotional without taking itself seriously. A refreshing blend of indie, punk, and pop that gives us high hopes for their future.”

Desert Companion

The Indigo Kidd we remember from 2015 — wide-eyed rock ’n’ roll ragamuffins just happy to be on stage — doesn’t exist anymore. In its place is a band in full, a wholly realized band that knows how to harness its talents. ”

Scene Magazine

Amazingly, Indigo Kidd amassed such strong local support without an LP or even a full EP to its name—only a two-song “mixtape” the group dropped as it arrived in town in June 2016. So when the guys announced that first album Sad Daze in Happy Valley would arrive on November 17, it signaled an exciting new chapter—taking Indigo Kidd in a more mature musical direction that brings emotional storytelling to the band’s irresistible, dance-in-your-seat pop songs.”

Las Vegas Weekly

Indigo Kidd, meanwhile, might be ready to rule the local scene right now, if Sunday’s set is any indication. The trio, which relocated here from Washington State last year, seemed at ease on the Bunkhouse’s main stage in front of a sizable crowd.”

Las Vegas Weekly